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Let the egg hunt begin! This cutie-pie costume will have your bunny hopping joyfully around the neighborhood. Includes bunny ears, fuzzy bodysuit and pull-on skirt with cottontail. 3-piece set. Polyester-spandex. Imported. Does not include tights, shoes, carrots or makeup.
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Reviewed by: twinmommie
Title: Disappointed
Date:October 6, 2009
" "The Bunny Toddler/Child Costume" was a big disappointment. Although a very adorable costume the size was misrepresented for my 2 year old twin from the advertisment picture of the model wearing the costume. The leotard was the only item that fit. The skirt was huge, the length was almost down to her calfs and the elastic waist was too big i had to pin it about 3 inches to stay up
( it fit me like a mini skirt 5'5/slender). The tail on the skirt is huge and weighs down the skirt and the bunny ears are adult size in length and kept falling off because they were so heavy. Needless to say i had to have the skirt altered, the tail made smaller and am trying to figure out how to make the ears fit. I didn't want to return it to incur more shipping costs. The company compensated me $12 bucks for alterations, although a nice gesture it is costing me $20 to alter it. I would hope in the future that the manufacterer would make each piece of the toddler costumes comparable in size. It's misleading and very costly for the customer. On the flip side I bought another costume for my other twin girl from a competitor that fit perfectly. I have never had this happen and hope it's an isolated incident with that particular brand and can be fixed by the manufacterer in the future.