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For the precocious and enchanting little girl in all of us. The Madeline costume is designed to capture the very essence of the charming little girl that generations have come to adore. This costume includes Madeline's signature blue coat with attached white collar and red scarf. A yellow hat with a black ribbon is also included in this adorable ensemble. 2-piece set. Polyester. Hand wash. Does not include socks or shoes. This is an officially licensed Madeline costume.
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Reviewed by: snippsnapsold
Title: Not as expected
Date:December 9, 2010
" The material is of a flannel that is extremly thin thus fuzzing and pilling would be next. It is so thin that it clings. The collar is a padded collar and does not lie smoothly but wrinkles badly. The most disappointing part is the hat. The hat is made of the hardest material imaginable, terribly uncomfortable and as it is so non forgiving any breeze would set it sailing. The pattern of the outfit is great I just cannot imagine not being able to do it in materials wearable. DO KNOW the last outfit I purchased was Dorothy of Wizard of Oz and it was great. In any event they are far, far superior to the local Walmart, etc. costumes. "