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A removable sticker marks the hidden location where candy should be inserted. Pinata fillers sold separately. Each pinata is uniquely crafted. Exact pattern and color of materials used may vary from image shown. *Please note: An additional shipping and handling fee of $5 applies to this oversized item.
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Reviewed by: seaturtle
Location: FL
Title: Its ok
Date:July 10, 2010
" This pinata is very nice except for one issue. The large label that says "insert candy here" is stuck to the very delicate tissue making it impossible to remove without tearing it no matter how careful you are. Its obvious where the opening is so the label shouldn't even be there. The trap door is underneath the USA on the front which seems to be an awkward spot for it. As a result, I'm covering the original opening with a large American flag sticker and just going to cut out my own trap door near the bottom and turning it into a pull-string. "