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One magical string will release all the treasures you've tucked inside. Kids can take turns, or hold onto separate strings and pull together. Measures approximately: 25" X 13" X 7". A removable sticker marks the secret location where candy and toys should be inserted. Pinata fillers sold separately. An addtional shipping and handling fee of $5 applies to this oversized item. Please note: Only the body of the pinata holds treats. Should hold approximately 1 lb of treats, but will vary according to the size of the items.
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Reviewed by: reddog
Title: Transformer Pinata
Date:July 30, 2009
" The outside design was great and my 4 year old son got very excited, but it had absolutley no space to fill the candy and toys. The only space available was the torso portion which was very limited. I had to cut holes through the cardboard to get to the hollow legs to have room to put more candy in. Very disappointing. "