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Play at the party and give as prizes. Features 18 songs. 1. Pokemon Theme (Season Theme) 2. PokeRap 3. Pokemon World (Season Theme) 4. 2B A Master 5. Together Forever 6. Double Trouble (Team Rocket) 7. Pokemon Johto (Season Theme) 8. PokeRap GS 9. Born To Be A Winner (Season Theme) 10. Believe In Me (Season Theme) 11. I Want To Be A Hero (Season Theme) 12. This Dream (Season Theme) 13. Unbeatable (Season Theme) 14. Battle Frontier (Season Theme) 15. Hoenn PokeRap 16. Best Friends 17. Stay Together 18. Pokemon Go! This item will not be accepted for return unless it is returned in the original packaging unopened and sealed.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: pokephan
Title: Good purchase for the pokemon lover
Date:December 31, 2009
" This is the only CD I have been able to find that pulls out all of the music from every season. A must have for those who enjoy just listening to the music. And the package arrived at my house an entire week and a half before the estimated delivery date. The service is wonderful and I would definitely recommend this site to a friend. "