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    October 21, 2010
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    October 21, 2010
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Lead the revolution in style. The tricorn hat was all the rage of the Minutemen, the militia of the colonies. Includes one black colonial tricorn hat with ruffled gold trim that'll perfectly complete your colonial look. Felt. Hat circumference measures approximately 22". Does not include costume, wig or any other accessories.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: oneifxsea
Location: Alexandria, Minn.
Title: Delux Colonial Tricorn Hat
Date:October 21, 2010
" I was vary pleased with the quality of the hat. It looks like a professional costume hat,that you might see in a stage play.The sides and top of the hat were firm and the trim was well sewn.We went to a party as Tea Party members "