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Please Note: Products are designed and rated for use in the United States using 120 volt current. With or without a transformer, this product is not recommended for use outside the US. Definitely not a lil’ cupcake. Simply plug in this blow-up and it self-inflates to 4' tall in seconds. Includes adapter and interchangeable “Baby’s First Birthday” and “Happy Birthday” signs for use every year. Be sure to take pictures to measure your child’s growth. For indoor use.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: newmom22
Title: Cute Birthday Tradition
Date:October 28, 2010
" I bought this inflatable cupcake for my son for his 1st birthday. Although he is nervous around it (it is quite substantial when it is fully blown up), it is super cute! I am thrilled with the quality and color and I am excited to make this a new family birthday tradition. "