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 Ladybug Pinata
Ladybug Pinata
Includes pinata.
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Reviewed by: momofprecious2
Title: Disappointed
Date:August 24, 2009
" I purchased this item for my child's 2nd birthday. For the range in ages that will attend, this pinata will get the job done.
However, I'm quite disappointed in the quality. The overall construction seems good, but the adornments on the outside are just thrown on there.
The eyes are paper cut-outs stuck on (but not well) and the green band and dots aren't securely attached.
This was the best looking pinata that I found online, but I wouldn't recommend it to a friend based on looks alone.
The pinata has not been busted yet so I cannot comment as to that process. "