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 Punky Pirate Child Costume
Punky Pirate Child Costume
Includes: Dress and Hair Bows. Boots and choker are not included.
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Reviewed by: mom36
Location: Portage, PA
Title: Punky Pirate Costume
Date:October 20, 2010
" Overall the Costume is very nice. But very cheap. Too thin. Nothing to cover underneath. It needs to come with some kind of pants or short to be worn to cover underwear. Plus, needs some kind of toule or extra puff underneath. Too Flat. Needs to be a little longer as well. Maybe different material would help. Not really satisfied. But GREAT PRICE! But, that can't be why it is so cheaply made. Needs better attachments also., the skull accents and black accents look better in the picture when you get it it's all messed up and again cheaply made.
I buy costumes every year from here for my daughter and this is the first year that i'm not really that happy.