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    September 15, 2010
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: mamautter
Location: Portland, Texas
Title: Even Perfect for A GIRL!
Date:September 15, 2010
" I spent sooooo much time reviewing and going back and forth with different farm themes out there since I wanted to do it for my daughter and this one was by far the cutest one I found! Once I got it, I was so excited because it was even cuter in person and everyone loved it! I loved the balloons! I added a few animal balloons from elsewhere but the cow print and #1 balloons were great! And there are 12 of each! At first the cow print looked faded but once they were blown up they looked great and weren't at all! I was only disappointed because one of my #1 balloons was all red with no #1, but that was the only defect on all of the balloons. My daughter looked so cute with her pillowcase dress all blinged out in cow print and red sequence! I make cakes and we made the cutest barnyard cake with cow print and pasture and a barn on top! It was super cute! Anyways, needless to say this was a great package and we still have my daughters mylar balloon tied up to the back of her high chair and she still loves it, 2 wks later! Haha! "