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    September 14, 2009
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    September 14, 2009
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He's a bad to the bone head banger. He's woken up from his resting place to blow you away with this electric guitar solo. Costume includes a faux-leather jacket with a skull design on sleeves and an attached shirt with printed rib cage. Also includes a half cap-mask with hat and hair. 2-piece set. Does not include makeup for face and hands, guitar, pants, or boots.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: mamaof4
Location: Orange County, CA
Title: Great for tweens!
Date:September 14, 2009
" My son was very happy with this as he was afraid it wouldn't look like the photo in the catalog. You will have to buy some skeleton gloves and most importantly... order up; it's small. My son is age 11 and I'm exchanging the 10-12 for the size 12-14 (and he's average size). "