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    January 26, 2013
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    January 26, 2013
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Measures approximately 2.5' high x 1'10" wide. Panic button squeaks when you squeeze it. Features caution tape and humorous signs along the walker: "Caution: Slow & Old Zone - Keep Back!", "Press Panic Button", "Over the Hill Walker. My name is: [space for name to be written]. If found wandering please return me to: Over the Hill Home for the Aged, 100 Year Old Street, Geezerville.", "Stop, Nap, Shuffle", "Danger: Sagging Body Parts!", "Over the Hill Xing", "Caution: High Pants Area", "Watch Your Step", "Old-Hazard", "Senility Ahead", "Over the Hill", "Caution: Slow Moving Bowels!", "Alert: Creaky Joint Zone", "Toxic Fumes From Rear", "Warning: Constant Aching Zone", "Yield to Aches and Pains", "Memory Detour" and Cane Sign.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: kwaterman
Title: So Much FUN
Date:January 26, 2013
" The birthday boy got a great kick out of this! A great gag gift :) "