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Are you the mysterious type? Keep everyone guessing in this Abominable Snowman costume. Includes furry bodysuit, inflatable shoulders component, character mask, gloves and feet. 5-piece set.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: kewlpirate
Title: Completely Worth it
Date:October 18, 2010
" I bought this for theme day at my school and got to wear it all day and boy.....was it worth it....The inflatable shoulders make the costume, so don't forget to wear them. I loved the costume so much that I actually endured marching in a parade with this costume on just because it was simply amazing-looking. I also enjoyed the plethora of hugs I got for being so fuzzy. But yea, great costume, I'll use it in the future definitely so it was worth the money lol YETI "