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Package includes 8 cardboard hats (with elastic chin straps) to match your party theme. Some ADULT assembly required. Ages 3+.
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Reviewed by: cahope98
Location: IL
Title: cute but not assembled!
Date:February 9, 2011
" We haven't actually used these hats yet, but they are very cute! My only issue with them is that they come unassembled as flat pieces of cardboard! You have to roll them up, put them together and put the elastic on by yourself! It looks simple enough, and they look like they'll be as sturdy as I would expect, but it's still rather annoying...
I probably still would have bought them though, had I known ahead of time, because I love the design and it will add an element of cuteness to my son's first birthday in a couple of weeks!