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Every girl's knight in shining armor. Come to the rescue this Halloween in this dashing ensemble. Costume includes a white military style jacket, maroon slacks, sash, belt, and medal. Polyester. Imported. Dry clean only. Does not include shoes.
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Reviewed by: Toast
Location: Ardmore, PA
Title: Adult Prince Charming Costume
Date:May 3, 2011
" I wore this outfit to a Storybook Ball with my 3 year old daughter dressed as Cinderella. There were 300 little girls there and every girl that saw me thought I was Prince Charming. There were a fwe other Dads dressed up but none looked as sharp as I did in this costume.
I am 5'11" and weigh 175. I wear a 42 jacket and my waist size is 33. And this fit me perfectly.
The only problem is that the gold buttons aren't sewn on very well. Two of the buttons basically fell off as I took the costume out of the bag. My wife sewed them back on. The rest of the buttons stayed on throughout the night.
Make your little girl's dream come true and surprise her by walking down the stairs with this costume on like I did. It was better than Christmas for her.
And it is truly very sharp. Make sure you spent the extra couple dollars on the white gloves...very important! "