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 Demon of War - Black Child Costume
Demon of War - Black Child Costume
Includes robe, eyes, medallion, Mask. Does not include shoes or knife.
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Reviewed by: TLorentzen
Location: Iowa
Title: Pretty Good
Date:October 21, 2010
" My son and I liked this costume a lot so we orderd it. When it arrived we were happy. The costume is made of good material and the eyes worked and all. The only problems we had were the eyes didn't sit to well for my son and when I tried to adjust them the middle snaped. Then the right eye wouldn't work anymore. It was okay though because I did some alterations and it turned out cooler than when we got it. Also the horns don't come attached to the hood so I again did some alterations and attached them.
So I would say we're happy with the product but other people should beware to not bend the eye plate.