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    October 3, 2010
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    October 3, 2010
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Off to the Rodeo we go! Ride'em cowboy partner! Includes one dog harness with a cowboy sitting on a saddle. Polyester. Spot clean.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: Sony
Location: Studio City, CA
Title: A lot of fun!
Date:October 3, 2010
" Our Lab, Sonny (6 months old, 70 pounds) loved being a Bucking Bronco! I think 'cause my partner & I made so much fuss over him: laughing, smiling, clapping ... giving him hugs & kisses ... having him jump over small fences ... dig holes ... run with the mini cowboy on top ... giving him treats in a cowboy hat (some early trick-or-treating this year!). When we left the park, our Sonny jumped right into the car with his dog riders cowboy costume still on. It was a part of him, just like his leash and collar.
What I'm super surprised about ... is that our pup didn't try to bite the costume or make one solid attempt to get it off. (He does that a lot when I try to put hats/sunglasses on him.)
Anyways, we're going to submit one of the photos for a Halloween contest. I just uploaded them & they turned out great!: The sun was setting & in many of the shots, Sonny was hunched over ... getting treats out of the hat ... and you could actually hear the cowboy riding on top of him ... Wild Bill say "Whoa, Nelly!" -:) "