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Make a lasting impression! Create a special keepsake your family will enjoy for years to come. This easy-to-use kit includes air-drying clay*, decorative mold, letter and number stamps, instructions, and a plastic display stand. Ages 3+. *Please Note: Color of clay may vary, our choice please.
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Reviewed by: Shopmom22
Location: Utah
Title: Okay but not worth it
Date:February 5, 2011
" I was really excited to save my little girls handprint forever. To smooth out the clay the instructions read to use your fist and get it as smooth as possible. I am a very creative person and do many projects. After drying the clay had small cracks in it and with an infants small handprint any minor bump is clearly noticable. I would rather pay to get it professionally done. It is cute for the price. "