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He'll be the most precious gnome in the garden. Your little one will be too cute for words as he skips through the forest in this delightful outfit. Costume includes a jumpsuit with attached suspenders, matching hat with detachable beard and booties. 3-piece set.
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Reviewed by: Shaqwita
Title: It did the job, but a bit disappointing
Date:November 6, 2010
" I purchased this costume for my 17 month old son. He is of average height and weight and typically wears clothes that are between the sizes of 12-18 months. 18 month pants are usually a bit too big and slightly too long. So I thought this costume would be a perfect fit. When I tried this costume on him, it was a bit snug, and hardly even reached down to his ankles. There are snap buttons between the legs that would unsnap very easily because of the snug fit. There is also velcro stiched on both sides at the back of the neck to secure the costume at the top which I have no complaints with. Overall when I received the costume it just looked cheaper than it did in the pictures Ive seen of it in magazines and on the internet. The quality is very poor. It is a ONE TIME USE ONLY costume. It can not be washed, only spot cleaned with a damp cloth, which probably wont do the job of getting out any stains left by a toddler. This costume is a one piece romper, and the top appears to be made of a different fabric from what the pants are made from. I have no complaints about the top. The bottom half is a magnet for anything a toddler might roll around in should they take a tumble while walking, or just decide to sit down. As far as the accessories are concerned, the hat is made of felt and fit my sons head quite nicely. He suprisingly left in on the entire evening. The beard is detachable. It is secured to the hat on both sides by tiny pieces of velcro so it makes it very easy for a toddler to remove the beard without much effort. It is however a plus for those children that would refuse to sport the beard at all that is is detachable. After some time to get used to it, my son had no trouble leaving it on for the evening. He decided to sneak some chocolate and a blue lolliop from his bucket while trick or treating and needless to say the beard was a mess. But I was able to get it clean with little trouble by just using the hose from my kitchen sink. But I would advise doing it gently or it will fall apart. The booties are in my opinion useless. They are also made of a cheap felt material and will NOT fit over any of my sons shoes. I even tried the tight fitting water shoes and they would not fit over them. My son wears a size 6 shoe, Im not sure if his feet are bigger than most children his age, but I will just say that I never had any luck getting those booties to fit over any of the shoes that we owned. So he wore about 8 pairs of socks, and we just put the booties on overtop of them. As soon as my son step foot into the yard with those booties on they began to fall apart. They are like a magnet for leaves, dirt, grass, you name it. And once you try to remove the debris from the booties the felt starts to pull away with the debri and it leaves the booties looking very old and used after only a minute of use. These can not be washed or really salvaged if you manage to get anything on them. After Halloween, the bottom of my sons booties just about had holes in them, and he stayed in his stroller for most of the evening and did very little walking. So if you purchase this costume and plan to do any walking, I would suggest ditching the booties, and just go with a cute pair of shoes that will match. They are not worth the time or the effort. In conclusion, I would like to say, that I did get a lot of compliments on this costume, and it did look super cute when he had it on, I just wish it was of better quality. So if you may need to wear this costume more than once or twice during the season, plan to hand it down to another child, resell it, or do anything with it other than wear it on halloween night and then throw it in the trash, I probably wouldnt waste your money. "