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Use your noodle! Pick up this silly costume for your little one and you won't regret it. Mac-N-Cheese costume includes a bodysuit that looks like a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a cheesy noodle headpiece. 2-piece set. Polyester. Spot clean only. Imported. Does not include pants, undershirt or shoes.
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Reviewed by: RitazGirlz
Location: Bucks County, PA
Title: Unique Costume
Date:October 1, 2009
" We ordered this costume for my 8 year-old daughter to wear for Halloween. The costume is good because it is different. It's a pretty basic design that will be easy for her to put on herself for her school parade. The head piece is lame and probably won't even be used. I think for the simplicity of the costume, it's a little over priced but we're still basically happy with the purchase. "