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    November 2, 2010
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    November 2, 2010
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One! One friend from Sesame Street! Ah, ha, ha! "Count" on a great Halloween this year in this nostalgic costume! Perfect for a throwback party or any Fright Night bash. Includes jacket with attached shirt, detachable collar and cape and a plush character headpiece. 4-piece set. Polyester. Do not wash. Imported. Does not include pants ors shoes. This is an officially licensed Sesame Street product.
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Reviewed by: RF34
Location: Downey, CA
Title: Very Original
Date:November 2, 2010
" We were a Sesame Street family this year for Halloween, and this Count von Count costume was great! The head kept sliding down though, so I wore sunglasses to keep the fangs out of my eyes.
What would really round this costume out would be purple felt gloves (which my wife & sister-in-law made) and the inside of the cape should be multi-colored.
Alot of people will mistake you for Count Dracula or Count Chocula. Those people were not well versed in Sesame Street. "