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Finish off that Dementor look. The must-have accessory for any Dementor costume. Includes a pair of adult character gloves that look like the Dementor hands. Latex and Rubber. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product.
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Reviewed by: Pyroguy
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Title: You get what you pay for
Date:August 29, 2010
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" I know if I wanted a 'high' quality costume item, I would have paid a bit for it, but since I needed something affordable, Celebrate Express seemed to have the best price for this item.
What I mean when I say 'quality' is that the gloves weren't exactly the same shade of grey (one was about 2-3 tones darker) and they weren't the same size exactly (there was about a 1" difference from the wrist to the fingertips).
Again, if I wanted something that was to rival that of cinema costuming, I wouldn't have shopped here, but this item more than serves it's purpose for the price you will pay.