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    July 23, 2010
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    July 23, 2010
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Transform into Paris’ most beautiful can can dancer this Halloween! The exquisite ensemble includes a beautiful pink, black, and red dress with lace accents and a matching choker. 2-piece set. Polyester. Hand wash. Imported. Does not include stockings, shoes, or headpiece.
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Reviewed by: Piquey
Location: Southern Cali
Date:July 23, 2010
" This is a nice costume, for the money. It runs small and the arm garters (for lack of a better word) are really tight because they are not long enough, well, maybe if you are a toothpick arm!! But, it can be worn with them under the arm. I have a red and black feather boa that I can wrap around my shoulders and under the arm strap and it looks really cute!
All in all, the costume is fun and flirty and looks great with a short black fru fru petticoat. I am looking forward to Halloween!! : )