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A howling good time! Be the life of the party this Halloween in this ferociously fashionable outfit! The Wear Wolf Tween Costume includes a wolf shirt, skirt, faux-fur vest, fingerless gloves, hat and furry boot covers. 6-piece set. Polyester. Machine wash. Does not include pants or shoes.
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Reviewed by: Pastor4kids
Location: Bentonville, AR
Title: Honest Review
Date:November 16, 2012
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" My 9yr old picked this out herself - and she LOVED it!
She actually wore the shirt weeks before Halloween, since it's not high quality, I was afraid it would fall apart before her parties (she had 3 to wear it to) Surprisingly, the costume held up for all 3.
Price - eh, a little overpriced for what you receive in my opinion, but I also think most costumes are higher than what the quality deems.
Quality/Appearance - the foamy "belt" waistband started to tear - but she had already worn it a couple times by then. The tulle on the skirt held up well, the shirt is still intact after probably a good 15 wears! but the gloves, boot cuffs, vest and hat did shed A LOT. I was afraid that there wouldn't be any fur left on it.
Fit - My daughter is a size 10/12 due to her length - the shirt was perfect fit but the skirt was a little big - with no way to tighten.
Overall - I'd probably order her another one next year if she wanted it - or one similar. It was really cute on her and compared to some of the more provactive costumes for tweens - I'd definitely buy again & recommend this one!! "