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 Bee 20" Pull-String Pinata
Bee 20" Pull-String Pinata
Includes (1) pinata. Does not include fillers or favors. Each pinata is uniquely crafted. Exact pattern and color of materials used may vary from image shown.
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Reviewed by: PartyMomma111
Location: Texas
Title: kinda dissapointed
Date:March 3, 2011
" I got this because the choice of bee pinatas was slim.
The flower was held on by a dab of glue so it came off before I recieved it. One anntena was completely missing, and the bee itself kinda resembled a yellow and black striped bear with wings sticking straight out of its back. Not out to the side like the picture shows :( I am going to try to craft it up so its cute but i definately think its overpriced for its appearance. Maybe they will revise it, but in the mean time, i highly suggest you try to find one in a store to SEE it before you buy it.