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Add to favor boxes for all the kids or hand out as individual party favors and prizes. Plush. Ages 0+.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: NoirAngelique
Location: Bay Saint Louis, MS
Title: I love the little cow!
Date:January 27, 2011
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User submitted photo
" I actually found one of these on the sidewalk, thought it was sooo cute, took it home, washed it up and gave it to my little cockapoo. He went nuts as soon as he saw it and it immediately became his favorite *baby*. He loves to carry little stuffies around in his mouth and this is the perfect size. I actually came to Celebrate Express and bought him 4 more. The little cows are very sturdy and well made and are the perfect size for little hands or little doggie mouths. And they're just really REALLY cute!
It was a very hard choice to pick two pictures of him and the *Moo*, I have over a hundred! So I picked one of him in his sleepy spot with his Moo and one of him carrying two Moos in his mouth. The record is three but I didn't catch that in a pic. "