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Let them eat cake! Decorate this crown cake to match your child's prince or princess party theme. Pan accommodates any 2-layer cake mix. Metal; measures 11½" x 15".
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Reviewed by: Murdoc
Location: NJ
Title: It's a cake pan
Date:December 7, 2009
" Yep, it's a cake pan shaped like a crown. Comes with some decorating suggestions. There was a little metal tab with a hole in it, I can only imagine it was intended to be used to hang the cakepan up somewhere, although I wouldn't exactly call it a hang-on-the-wall piece of art. But the tab was bent, so even if I were so inclined, I'd have to bend it back carefully.
Wife was rather upset that she saw the same pan for 25% less at a local store a day after I ordered this pan (under orders from her), but I didn't care. My time is worth the few extra $ to just order it from the web.
Haven't made a cake in it yet, but it looks fully functional in that department, being made of metal and shaped like a crown and all. "
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