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Grab your favorite toys and get ready to party with Woody and Buzz! Each box includes a Toy Story 3 backpack clip*, an assorted glow stick, a Toy Story 3 sticker*, a Toy Story Kaleidoscope* plus a small noise putty. Some ADULT assembly required. For Ages 3+. *These items are officially licensed by Disney. IMPORTANT! The following product(s) are currently out of stock: Toy Story 3 Empty Favor Box.  But don’t worry, we will replace them with item(s) of similar quality of our choice.
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Reviewed by: Mama23423
Title: OK
Date:October 26, 2010
" The boxes are hard to put together and the favors do not fit inside well. The favors are too big to put all of them in the box. The picture shows bracelets but the bracelets do not come with the package. The picture also shows a regular box, but a Buzz Lightyear shaped (small) box is what comes. I would not buy this package again. "