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    November 27, 2009
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    November 27, 2009
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It's a fun way to personalize favor boxes, party cups, glasses and soda cans or bottles! Invite everyone to etch his or her name onto a label with a fingernail. No pens needed! Every 3" x 1.75" tag is waterproof, easy to reposition, and has a coating of black wax that won’t smear or stain. Includes (12) peel and stick labels.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: LuckyRed13
Location: New Orleans, LA
Title: Great for large parties
Date:November 27, 2009
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" I love these Etch-it stickers to use on cups for large parties. They make it easy for guests to keep track of their own cups, and I can't tell you how many fewer "orphan drinks" I toss out - which means I'm using fewer cups for the party! Plus, guests love them for their "interactive" nature. "