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This Cobra leader's high intelligence makes him a threat to the G.I. Joe forces. World domination will be the first thing on your agenda as this evil villain. Includes one costume. Also includes gloves, ascot and boot covers. Imported. Costume measures approximately: Chest: 46-56”, Waist: 38-48”, Inseam: 32”. This is an officially licensed G.I. Joe product.
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Reviewed by: K0BR4K0MM4ND3R
Title: Shockingly Good Quality
Date:November 9, 2010
" Over all the costume is pretty good. You might need a couple safety pins because the velcro can be a little weak, and you should probably try to find a light blue scarf/bandana/ascot/turtleneck because the ascot it comes with is pretty chinsy, but as a whole the rest of the costume is pretty well built and looks good. "