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Faster than a speeding bullet! Impress your own Lois Lane in this Super disguise. Deluxe Superman costume includes red and blue muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, belt and cape. 4-piece set. Polyester. Imported. Hand wash, line dry. Sizes represent chest measurements.
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Reviewed by: JoeJoe07
Location: Sunland CA
Title: Superman Costume not super!
Date:November 1, 2010
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" This costume looked good out of the bag.. Once I actually opened it up there was like ripped thread on the back... The costume is made for a short person I am 6' and I had to go buy material... In total this costume ended up costing me double the money. The under wear it has(red) is only maybe 6" total a mans underwear space has to be about 10-12" according to the man who fixed it. I had to by 6" of extra material. The other bad thing is that if you buy this costume and you do not convert the bottom piece into pants you will not be able to go to the restroom with out taking the whole costume off... I had to concert the bottom piece of my costume into pants. My costume when I spent like $50 more on in was awesome... I do not recommend this costume at all unless you're into spending more money, which I was not but I had to make it work.. Take care hope this helped! "