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    January 23, 2011
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    January 23, 2011
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Made especially for 1st birthday kids—with soft foam, fuzzy fabric, a comfortable elastic chin strap, and a #1 appliqué; 5½"H. Decorated with fluffy marabou and sparkly tinsel.
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Reviewed by: JeezeLouise7
Location: South Barre, MA
Title: Hat's too small!
Date:January 23, 2011
" I ordered this hat for my daughter's 1st birthday. She is completely "average"-sized (if anything she's on the smaller side, rather than larger). The hat is adorable but it would never stay on without the little string. The little string makes it wayyyy too small! This should've been made larger if it doesn't even fit a (small) 1-year old! "