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 Little Bo Peep Child Costume
Little Bo Peep Child Costume
Includes dress, bloomers, bonnet, staff and sheep bag. Does not include tights or shoes.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: HMML
Title: Very Cute
Date:November 25, 2009
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" This costume is adorable and pretty well made. My daughter is 4, we purchased the size 6 and were able to put 4 thin but warm layers of clothing under the dress (the back of the dress - above the skirt portion - has velcro closures). My daughter got lots of compliments on the costume and many comments on the fact that it was nice to see something other than another princess or fairy. We did not use the hat or the staff because the hat was too big (and blocked periferal vision) and the staff was just okay. I took the bow from the staff and used it in my daughter's hair and ordered a more realistic white adult plastic staff (also from this site and because it comes in 4 pieces I was able to leave one out and make it "kid" size). The lamb candy bag is very cute and makes the costume (it looks best if you keep the head portion stuffed with cotton or rags). I would also recommend using a short petticoat under the dress (we didn't use one but wish we had). "