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    November 30, 2009
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    November 30, 2009
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A great accessory for any pointy-earred character you can think of (or dream up)! Flesh-colored ear tips made to fit on the top of the ears of a child or adult. Complete set includes: 2 latex ear tips. Small is 2 inches tall and Large is 3 inches tall. Latex. This item will not be accepted for return unless it is unopened and sealed in its original packaging.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: Frozanne
Title: Since you can't grow em, buy em.
Date:November 30, 2009
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" The Pointy Ear Tips Woochie are great if you want to be an elf, anime character, or a fairy and gnome as my boyfriend and I were for Halloween. "