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    February 22, 2010
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The nineties are back, the 1890's that is. Complete your old nineties or keystone cop look with this black handlebar moustache made of human hair and lace. Human Hair. This item will not be accepted for return unless it is unopened and sealed in its original packaging.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reviewed by: DanceMomCT
Location: Connecticut
Title: High quality for a very resaonable price
Date:February 22, 2010
" I was put in charge of finding fake handlebar moustaches for a dance routine that my daughter is in where they are portraying French men. After striking out with a local costume shop where they didn't have enough of the same moustaches available in stock, I searched the web and found this product. The moustache is made of "100% human hair", so it is high quality and realistic looking. It comes with enough adhesive strips for multiple wear. It is well-made and appears to be "sturdy" enough to last through the dance season. Best of all, the price was right at Celebrate Express (compared to other retailers)and shipped out immediately - just in time for the first competiton! "