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Are you ready to rock? If your child is ready to rock it out this Halloween, this wig is the perfect addition to that Rockstar Diva look she's going for! The Rock Diva Wig is long and blonde with highlights and bangs. Grab a wig cap (not included) to help tame your natural tresses and give you a realistic look. Does not include costume or microphone. We cannot accept wigs for return unless they are in their original packaging, unopened and sealed. Top off your look in style—learn all you need to care for your wig here.
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Reviewed by: DaddyEd
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Title: Rock Diva Wig
Date:December 29, 2009
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" It was the hit of Christmas to see my 3 yr. old in her long princess hair. It was a riot. Got tangled quickly, but for the price will worth it. Loads of hilarious pictures. She asks to wear it day after day. "