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Package includes 16 lunch napkins to match your party theme. Each 3-ply, paper napkin measures 6½" x 6½". This is a officially licensed Rachael Hale ® product.
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Reviewed by: Baysfriend
Location: Missouri
Title: Buy only for the theme
Date:March 24, 2011
" My daughter will be turning 9, and it is a family tradtion that they pick out a "birthday theme" of their choice. My daughter chose this one- they look like our cat and she is a Cat Fanatic.
HOWEVER, these are poorly printed napkins. The picture is faded and blurry, the color is okay- but not vibrant by any means. If these will *make* the theme, then I would purchase them- it is why I did. But if you buy the plates, baloons, centerpiece, etc and can make do with other napkins- for the price- I would.
I LOVE Birthday Express, so I can put up with mediocre napkins for the overall deal.